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Zach’s Story: Books One to Five

Zach's Story
Angel of Fire by Wendy Milton, author of children's books
Angel of Fire


Zach Brinkley is in hospital where he’s visited by an annoying ‘winged thing’ and a set of ghostly twins. The twins believe someone is trying to kill him! Can Zach thwart this would-be killer?

Sophie's Return by Wendy Milton, author of children's books
Sophie’s Return


On a school excursion to abandoned railway tunnels beneath Bottleneck Bay, Sophie Ferguson sees a ghost of a young man from her past – her past in a previous life, that is. In trying to help him, she places herself in terrible danger.

Nemesis by Wendy Milton, author of children's books

Zach Brinkley enrols at Josiah Batty Grammar, only to discover that something at his new school isn’t quite right. What’s worse, the vengeful spirit of the school’s founder expects him to make it right!

Spooks by Wendy Milton, author of children's books
There’s a new boy at Josiah Batty Grammar who, at first, Zach Brinkley and his friends can’t stand. Although Raoul improves on acquaintance, it isn’t long before Zach discovers that befriending him is dangerous. In trying to help Raoul, Zach risks his own life.
Finding Cathcart by Wendy Milton, author of children's books
Finding Cathcart
Zach visits Shady Glades Rest Home and meets the mysterious Mr Cathcart, who’s suffering from amnesia. Who is Mr Cathcart? Can Zach and his friends unlock the secrets of this old man’s past? What dangers may lurk there?

Switchers: Parts 1 & 2

The Boy Who Disappeared by Wendy Milton, author of children's books

The Boy Who Disappeared

Part 1 of Switchers


Rodney Rowbottom is being pursued by bullies. He's also developed an embarrassing tendency to fade, and this leads him into some weird, otherworldly adventures.

The Boy Who Disappeared by Wendy Milton, author of children's books

Rafferty’s Rules

Part 2 of Switchers


The detectives who investigated Rodney’s disappearance return to Frogmore to investigate a spate of supermarket robberies. Then they, too, disappear, and Rodney must go back to Llandringodd to rescue them.

Other titles from Wendy Milton

Other Titles
The Doolally Kid by Wendy Milton, author of children's books

The Doolally Kid


Billy O’Connor desperately wants to be good at something. Then something weird happens and almost overnight, Bumbling Billy acquires talents that make him the coolest boy in school.   

The Doolally Kid by Wendy Milton, author of children's books

The Enchanted Urn


Tim Barnett is plagued by a nightmare involving an old man, a dog and a golden urn. He discovers that the urn is both enchanted and cursed, and that until it is recovered, his great, great grandfather will be trapped in ‘a cycle of rebirth’.


A Stitch in Time


Sam Pendlebury finds evidence that his grandfather, supposedly a convicted murderer, has gone back in Time to prove his innocence.


Missing Uncle Izzy


The body of Ben Haversham’s Uncle Izzy vanishes, and Ben, although he attended the funeral, suspects his uncle is still alive. He's told that his uncle was working undercover to bring to justice a group of iconoclasts who destroyed the town’s monument, the Big Prawn.  


Taking Stock


Neil's mother says that Uncle Rex 'lives in the past’ , by which she means that he loves old things. But does Uncle Rex live in the past literally? Where does the stock in his bric-a-brac shop come from? And why is the shop nearly always shut?  


Schooled in Death - Full Size.jpg

Schooled in Death


When the body of Horace Radcliffe, headmaster of Eldersley College, is discovered on the morning of 23rd May, 1975, police are puzzled by the corpse’s appearance. Clearly the headmaster has been murdered, but why did the murderer put a flower behind his ear and decorate his face with lipstick?

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